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FRIDAY 25 APRIL, 2014 | RSS Feed

The Top Box Office Animated Film

According to the U.S. "Bloomberg Business Week" reported this morning, in Hollywood filmmakers dialogue meeting organized by the magazine, Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney DVD Pictures revealed the latest developments of many films, but he admitted that the top-grossing animated film "Frozen" haven’t decided to remake the sequel.
Currently, the "Frozen" global box office has exceeded $ 1.1 billion mark, which is not only beyond the "Toy Story 3" became the highest-grossing animated film of Disney Animation movies, but also became the top box office animated film in animation film history. In addition, "Frozen" ranks the top ten box office of film history.
It is worth mentioning that, "Frozen" has won at the box office in Japan for five weeks consecutive charts, and a very small decline in weeks at the box office, showing amazing stamina.
Currently, the "Frozen" cumulative box office in Japan nearly 9.3 billion yen, breaking the 10 billion mark just around the corner.
Despite this impressive record, Alan Horn said Disney Pictures is currently focused on the "Frozen" onto the Broadway stage, there is no plan to shoot the movie sequel.

Frozen Start A New Animation Heart

After the release of the Disney movie "Frozen", the audience was pleasantly surprised to find that, "Frozen" beating heart of a transformation, from the story to a form of expression, it is far from traditional Disney.
The story was inspired by Andersen "The Snow Queen" and the "Frozen" is more modern fairy tale: the movie theme is no longer love, but flesh and blood kinship between the sisters. Like all Disney movies, love is a method for solving all problems, but the angle of movie is brand new, family replaced the princess and the prince’s love at first sight. "The Princess and prince live a happy life together" is the most common end of the fairy tale, but is limited by capacity and small audiences cognitive abilities, animated films rarely explored rational behind love, which makes the story of the princess and the prince are often caught platitudes. "Frozen" start from the sisters love, although there are princes and love , but the main line is the collision of two girls sisters affection, the novel perspective to make this Disney princess movie out of cheesy drama , with a unique flavor.
In this regard, Andrew • Milstein , executive vice president of Disney Animation Studios concluded to achieve a balance between the new elements and classic story elements, the film play the highest level , that is why the film is so popular . In addition to combining story elements, from 2010  "Tangled", Disney animated also find integration of CG technology and the representatives of Disney hand-drawn style. In" Tangled "the CG screen has a style like an oil painting, the magnificent snow in "Frozen" is powerful to show the strength of Disney DVD hand-drawn.